Field Trips

For the next generation, learning by immersion and hands-on experience is extremely important for bridging the gap between green ideas and reality.

Our students in the BVI are naturally curious about the world they live in. They enjoy investigating, discovering new things and sharing experiences with family and friends. In addition to this it is acknowledged that not all of our students learn in the same way. Educational and psychological theory (Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences) recognises several types on intelligences as follows:

   • Verbal-Linguistic (reading, writing, telling stories, thinking in words)
   • Math-Logic (math, reasoning, problem-solving, patterns)
   • Spatial (Reading, maps, charts, drawing, imagining, visualisation)
   • Bodily-Kinesthetic (athletics, dancing, acting crafts, tools)
   • Musical (singing, remembering melodies, rhythms)
   • Interpersonal (understanding people, leading, communicating, organising)
   • Intrapersonal (understanding self, recognising strengths weaknesses, setting goals)
   • Naturalist (understanding nature, making distinctions, identifying flora and fauna)

Individual students will tend to show more intelligence (more strength/ability) in some of these areas than in others. Students also develop learning styles that are dependent on their strengths in terms of the form of intelligence that they exhibit most.

Taking the above theory into account, along with the knowledge that the BVI (because of the quantity and diversity of the islands that form the Territory) is rich in field experiences, Green VI has deceided to focus on encouraging parents and teachers to engage their students more in field experiences.

Encouraging students to explore the BVI by engaging them often in practical field exercises can have the following benefits:
   • Reinforcing and bringing further clarity and meaning to information taught in the classroom
   • Development of field skill such as observation, data collection (recording), reporting and analytical skills
   • Development of a better understanding of the practical value of the information taught in the classroom (understanding the connection between theory and reality)
   • Developing the ability to organise and conduct themselves successfully in settings outside of the classroom
   • Developing collaborative and cooperative skills

To enhance this process, Green VI is in the process of developing a list of field trips that are regularly done in the BVI.

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