Green Certification

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What is Green Certification?

Developed in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Green Certification programme incentivizes and guides waste, water and energy reduction and provides sustainability education for businesses. The programme also provides critical financial support to environmental betterment through its Green Fund  and will guide the “green” component of the BVI Public Service’s Strategic Policy. 

Green Certification incentivizes, guides and educates businesses in best “green” practices, and collaborates to develop the Accreditation Level they choose:

 Pledge . Bronze . Silver . Gold . Leader

A number of support tools are part of the programme, such as Policy Templates, Accreditation Guides, the Green VI App, and experienced Trainers for hands-on collaboration. Green Certification offers practical, common-sense ways for organizations to help the environment and enhance their operations, such as:

  • Improving Employee Health

  • Cutting Costs

  • Motivating & Educating Your team

  • Elevating Social Responsibility Profile

  • Creating Marketing Opportunities

  • Attracting & Retaining Quality Staff

What is the Green Fund?

The Green Fund is made up of regular contributions from businesses, with amounts depending on the type and size of the operation. Managed by Green VI, the Green Fund supports:

  • Staff & Management “Green” Training 

  • “We Recycle”  Collections, Bins & Processing

  • Public Outreach for BVI Recycling System Success

  • Fulfillment of  Corporate Social/ Environmental Responsibility 

  • BVI Best Green Practices Advocacy


  • 2356 Professionals Trained

  • 37 Businesses Engaged in Green Certification 

  • 61 US Tons Waste Processed/Exported For Recycling 

  • 700 Cubic Yards Recyclables Stockpiled

  • 17.35  Metric Tons Upcycled for Local Use

  • kWh saved (hide for now until app measures this)

  • G saved (hide for now until app measures this)

How it Works

Sign “The Pledge” 

Becoming Green Certified is easy. It begins with signing “The Pledge”  to implement “Best Green Practices” in your business, advocate for them in the Territory, and support the Green Fund - all for a greener, cleaner, healthier BVI.  

Display the “Green Certified” Logo

Green VI provides members with an attractive “Green Certified” logo that you can showcase at your business place, add to your email signatures, and use as the business development tool you deserve. The logo is a great way to share with everyone how committed you are to greener operations and a better BVI. When you hyperlink the artwork to the website, clients and customers discover just what your pledge to the greater good stands for.

Contribute to the Green Fund

Green Certification and BVI environmental betterment are sustained by contributions to the Green Fund. Managed by Green VI, The Green Fund supports:

  • Staff & Management Green Training 

  • “We Recycle” Collections, Bins & Processing

  • Public Outreach for BVI Recycling System Success

  • Fulfillment of Corporate Social/Environmental) Responsibility 

  • BVI Best Green Practices Advocacy

Create Certification Checklists  

Whatever Certification level you choose as your goal -  Bronze, Silver, Gold or Leader - we help create customised Certification Checklists for each business to address areas of concern, such as:

Energy Consumption

Water Use

Waste Reduction 


Air Quality 

Green Procurement

Noise Pollution

Staff Training

Four training sessions are scheduled over the period of a year. To begin with, we introduce your full team to your Green Pledge and your vision of your Business’s Green Policy. This session outlines why the Business is beginning its Green Journey and how this will impact the team and the Business. This is a chance to get feedback and get your team onboard. Inhouse ‘Green Champions are identified and mentored to successfully catalyze green change. Training sessions for the full team in support of the Business’s Green Accreditation journey are recommended quarterly. These sessions could be combined with any other pre-existing Business training sessions you have scheduled so as to maximise use of the teams time. 

Set up a Recycling System

Staff are introduced to how we can Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in the BVI. Internal & External Recycling Bins are provided and collection of recyclables is scheduled. Green VI provides oversight of logistics as well as sorting and processing of recyclables, ensuring they are managed correctly. We are aiming to recycle and upcycle materials as much as possible on-island. Currently, private recyclers turn the plastic into polywood & furniture, the glass is crushed for use in construction, and the metal and PET plastics are exported for recycling. 

Community Engagement 

Green VI facilitates Green Leadership Opportunities through service days with the local community as well as community sponsorship opportunities. Furthermore, Green Fund contributions support outreach activities for Environmental Education in the BVI. Learn More (link to Education theme - education projects)

Become Green Leaders 

As Green Leaders your Business will lead by example. What better way to show your hard work and to differentiate your Business than by being active in your Community? As Green Leaders your Business should identify projects your team wants to participate in within the community, such as School Gardens, Adopt-A-Spot and WE RECYCLE community bins programmes. Maximise your resources to be visible leaders in your community and inspire others to do the same.



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