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Green VI facilitates recycling projects and partners with others who turn "waste" into valuable resource materials.  We work closely with Government and local recyclers, such as Green & Clean (VI) and VI Plastics. In January  2017, a Recycling Committee was established and additional recycling equipment was procured.  

We're happy to report that the recycling equipment made it through the storms! Even though the hurricanes have slowed our momentum, recyclers are resuming operations again and collection logistics are being revised. We will keep you updated as work progresses. 

What to Recycle?

The following items can now be recycled on Virgin Gorda:

  • Glass - all colours. Do not include light bulbs as these often contain mercury.
  • Plastic - all types of plastic.
  • Aluminium cans - these are usually beverage cans and are made of a soft metal that can be crushed easily by hand. Do not include food cans. These are made of steel and cannot be crushed by hand. 
  • Used vegetable oil - leave this in the original container next to the recycling bin. 

IMPORTANT: All recyclables must be rinsed and clean. 

Virgin Gorda Recycling Points:

  • Valley Day School
  • Green & Clean’s recycling site – at Ebony and Ivory (office hours only)

More recycling sites will become available on Tortola and the sister islands soon. We will build upon, and replicate, what works on Virgin Gorda and expand it to other islands as we rebuild and continue on our path toward a greener, cleaner and healthier BVI for us all. 

Want to know more about the Virgin Gorda Recycling Pilot? Read on ..... 


Recycling is difficult in the BVI due to economies of scale and distance from recycling markets. For the majority of recyclables, the value of the materials received will not cover the basic costs of collection, processing and shipping. This is a complex issue that will take time, resources, prioritisation and strong partnerships to make lasting progress.

Green VI aims to support and facilitate systems and partnerships to make recycling possible in the BVI using the underlying premise of "waste" as resource materials. To this end, we have worked closely with Government, local recyclers and the community for many years. We have assisted local recyclers in many ways such as;

  • with information on equipment

  • funds to implement recycling processes

  • facilitated meetings with key government officials

  • promoted recycled products and relevant applications thereof.


Waste Management in the BVI is certainly headed in the right direction. Virgin Gorda has been identified as the initial island to implement a Recycling Pilot. Green VI is pleased - and proud - to be partnering with the Department of Waste Management, Green & Clean VI, VI Plastics, other local recyclers and the Virgin Gorda community to develop this project:

  • The Department of Waste Management has procured recycling bins, as well as a dedicated collection truck.

  • Local recycler, Green & Clean VI Ltd. has procured equipment to implode glass bottles to make aggregate

  • The metal recycler, ENS Excavating Ltd., is continuously improving his systems to increase the value of the derelict vehicles he processes.

  • VI Plastics will be making furniture from discarded plastic. Plans are to expand production to make polywood.

  • Green VI has, and will continue to, facilitate education and outreach programmes to compliment recycling efforts as the BVI moves towards a sustainable, resilient and viable Materials Management System. Green VI has sourced the funds to procure additional equipment required for recycling including a baler for aluminium cans.

  • The Virgin Gorda Community has begun sorting their recyclables and some schools have begun composting organic resources.

Recycling bins

The key difference between the Virgin Gorda Recycling Project and traditional recycling methods is local application.  Through an innovative coalition effort, Waste Streams will be considered sources of Marketable Products for use on-island. This is an expansion of the concept demonstrated on a small scale by Green VI’s Glass studio where waste is used on-site as a resource.

The Virgin Gorda Pilot will take this to the next level and empower us to establish a Case Study of how this innovative approach can work on an island setting. Glass waste will become construction aggregate, plastic waste will become furniture and polywood, organic waste will become compost and an alternative energy source. 

With the necessary funds secured, the Virgin Gorda Recycling Pilot will be developed in phases:

  • The first phase is rolling out the recycling collection system in Virgin Gorda and initiating the education  and outreach.

  • The second phase is the establishment of a Materials Recovery Facility at the Virgin Gorda dump site. Glass, plastic, aluminium and used vegetable oil will be processed within this facility.

  • The third phase is the management of organics – garden and food waste, sewage and sargassum.

   The ultimate vision for Virgin Gorda is the development of an Eco-Industrial Park that aims to transform the current dump site into a hive of various activities that transform waste into useful, locally made products - providing a rich environment for "growing" more BVI businesses.


Eco-Industrial Park designed by Daniela Nunes (2013)



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