Garden Project

Garden projects at six BVI schools and youth centers will help teach kids about the benefits of growing local food.

Green VI promotes working in partnerships and facilitated seven BVI representatives being trained on the USVI Recycling Partnership composting workshop in St John in December 2012. Composting is an important component and we hope to test various forms of composting including vermiculture (worm farming). Below is a simple example of a pallet compost system.

Representatives have gone on to establish composting and food garden systems in their own communities. One such example is the food garden and composting system established at Robinson O'Neal Primary on Virgin Gorda by Julie Swartz of Green and Clean.
Via the Sustainability Network, Julie Swartz collaborated with John Tattersal, who created "SPIKE" - a prototype robot that not only introduces technology into gardening, but allows for plants to be watered remotely during holidays and for children from various islands and countries to connect and share their garden experiences. Watch SPIKE in action at Robinson O'Neal on this video and more information can be fond at:

Green VI hope to raise funds to facilitate more garden projects at schools and communities that will include technologies such as SPIKE, aquaponics and hydroponics. Children will finalise garden designs and begin planting food gardens as well as horticultural gardens. Plants will be donated by the National Parks Trust, the Department of Agriculture and private landscape businesses. These partners as well as local farmers will assist children with planting, maintaining and harvesting.