Green VI, a leader in environmental betterment for the Territory since 2009,  has launched a public awareness campaign called “New Year, New Habits, New Me” to encourage individual lifestyle changes for greener and healthier BVI.

Throughout 2022, Green VI will publish weekly tips via radio, newsprint and online media to show how “going green” is a lifestyle that is not difficult to adopt, how it makes good economic sense and how it creates healthier individuals, families and environments.

Some of the topics covered will include how to  reduce, reuse and recycle to decrease emissions and create jobs; how to clean up, cover up and communicate to protect against disease-carrying mosquitoes; and how to  become more resilient by composting and  keeping a kitchen garden.

Green VI Deputy Director, Sarah Penney, encourages everyone to make use of the guidelines being published and notes that, “Given all that COVID and the other major stresses of 2021 have brought, we now need to put our feet even more firmly on the path to green living to build our strength and resilience.”  Ring 346-4040 or email for more information.