2020 – Time to Rethink

Welcome to our 2020 Website! We’ve renewed and re-designed the site so that all our work – from Advocacy to Zika – is just a click away. We hope you’re encouraged by the progress we’ve made, despite these difficult times, and that you and your family have been able to stay safe and healthy. 

As we navigate the uncharted waters of COVID-19, the vulnerability of small island states, such as our beloved BVI, is again brought home. For many years, climate changes and outmoded systems have resulted in serious threats to our fragile environment. COVID is now reminding us – in no uncertain terms – that the time to rethink our priorities and how we live is now.

Rethinking the way forward  requires quiet space for reflection and a supply of good information. Surprisingly, our BVI COVID “stay home” mandate and a timely Green VI media campaign brought this winning combination to our doorsteps. The results were remarkable! Far more people now recycle and compost to reduce burning and burying waste, home gardens are springing up and the “care more, use less” concept is growing stronger. 

We’ve made noteworthy progress toward a greener, cleaner, healthier BVI and continue to move steadily toward sustainability and resilience through our focus on waste and water management, alternative energy, food security, mosquito borne disease and a green economy. We believe the current pause we’re all experiencing in our familiar ways of life can, and will, be a turning point in how people and the planet are protected.

Let’s be brave.  Let’s take a hard look at the excesses and imbalances around us and – through initiative, innovation and partnerships – find the practical pathways that lead to a better world.  We can do this.  

All best wishes for good health,

Charlotte McDevitt, Executive Director