In February 2011, Green VI partnered with BVI Recycling Ltd and Tortola Concrete Ltd to experiment tumbling large volumes of crushed glass in one of Tortola Concrete’s trucks. The aim was to see how long it would take to tumble crushed glass before it could be used as landscaping material.

Approximately 20 cubic yards of bottles stored at BVI Recycling’s Sea Cows Bay site was crushed by the recycler, Courtney Tomlinson. Once crushed, the volume of the glass was reduced to about 8 cubic yards, which was then transported to Tortola Concrete, and dispensed into a concrete truck. The truck then tumbled the glass for 9 hours. This time could be drastically reduced if sand is added as an abrasive.

The result was a landscaping material that is used at Green VI’s Glass Studio garden in Cane Garden Bay.