Green VI aims to help all schools in the BVI to become sustainable by working with the education authorities, the teaching staff and the students.
Green VI is committed to making expertise available to any school in the BVI interested in working towards becoming a model of sustainability. We have made a commitment to work with the Ivan Dawson Primary School to pilot an approach to moving it towards becoming a sustainable school. The first step in moving a school towards becoming sustainable will be to work with the staff to develop a sustainability plan. Parental involvement in the development of this plan will also be sought. The components of this plan will be as follows:
Identify the vision and goals of the school with respect to sustainability
Identify ways to reduce the waste generated by the school and to utilise waste as a resource (e.g. glass recycling and trash to treasure art)
Identify ways to use energy more efficiently and to move towards use of a more sustainable source of energy (solar energy)
Identify ways to reduce water usage or to use water that is currently wasted (such as the water from air conditioning units)
Increase self sufficiency by developing a sustainable garden that provides food for the students and the community
Identify other ways to help the students understand the concept of sustainability and to incorporate the principles of sustainability in their daily living
To provide opportunities to develop field skills such as swimming, snorkelling and sailing