Also called black gold, compost can be used to enrich your soil and grow your own free, delicious and healthy herbs, tomatoes and greens. Compost is organic matter that has broken down and can be used as fertilizer for your garden. The only ingredients required are air, water, ‘green’ and ‘brown’ material, and YOU!

1. Choose a spot
2. Find an outdoor space that’s easily accessible. Build a bin from old pallets or chicken wire, ideally 3’W X 3’L X 5’H
3. Store Browns in a separate pile or bin. Browns can also include brown cardboard boxes with tape and staples removed. ‘Brown’ materials are sources of Carbon: Dry grass, leaves & garden cuttings, Untreated wood chips & sawdust,Shredded paper & brown cardboard, Small amounts/pieces of wood ash, charcoal, crushed shells, hair, cotton cloth.
4. Collect Green Materials daily. Green’ materials are sources of Nitrogen: Vegetable & fruit waste, Fresh grass, leaves & garden cuttings, Coffee grounds & tea leaves, Manure from herbivores, Egg shells,Build a pile
5. Build a Compost Pile in layers, like a lasagna. Layer ‘browns’ and ‘greens’, starting with ‘browns’ on the bottom and always covering ‘greens’ with a layer of ‘browns’. This helps avoid pests & odour.

Keep the Pile moist, so it feels like a wet sponge. Too much water will make Compost sludgy & odorous.
Turning the Pile speeds decomposition – not necessary if Pile is layered well.
Do Not Include:
– Animal products
– Oily or fatty food
– Manure from carnivores