Green VI has partnered with ARK (Association of Reef Keepers) to work on several projects within the Cane Garden Bay watershed.  Shannon Gore PhD, the executive Director of ARK wrote her dissertation on the best erosion control practices and restoration activities needed to restore Cane Garden Bay.  

The ‘ridge to reef’ concept is a holistic approach that focuses not only on hillside environments but as well as the coastal and marine ecosystems within an area (watershed) from the top of hills down to the coral reefs fronting the land. It encompasses the multi dimensional environmental, socio-cultural and economic characteristics of communities existing within a geographically shared area such as the Cane Garden Bay community.

The first stages of this project include:

  • community outreach through the CGBRidge2Reef group  ( )
  • development of a communications strategy
  • piloting watershed lessons with a local after school program
  • Let’s Talk …Series of informal talks during local Happy Hours


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